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Feb 26, 2013 2:30pm PST
know whether we know diplomacy can succeed. >> the book of mormon is now playing in london. it was a hit on broadway, but what will they make of it across the atlantic? today, it was revealed that pope benedict will retain his honorific title of his holiness nd be known as pope emeritus after he advocates. -- abdicates. when global events this really is, the resignation of a pope. it has not happened for 600 years. the whole place is swarming with foreign tv crews. theally, the audience of pope is a relatively low-key affair. but interest in attending wednesday's event was so great that they had to move it. there are thousands of shares already laid out. 35,000 people have already booked tickets to attend. and that number is expected to grow. intense interest not only around the world, but here in rome as well. because the pope is also the bishops in rome. i'm standing at the moment on the territory of the italian republic. this ground is italy. on the other side of this fence, it is the independent state of the vatican city. we are not allowed to take our cameras. you get a sense of
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
be an exceptional athlete. in london last year, he competed against able-bodied runners come up a watershed moment in sports. his friends say his extraordinary career has taken its toll. >> i believe success and money has changed a lot of people. for me, personally, oscar did change. i think he became a very different person. >> now oscar pistorius is preparing for his first appearance in court tomorrow, are rather different arena for one of the world's most iconic at lloyds. >> a few moments ago, i spoke to andrew in pretoria, and i asked him what the reaction was to the day's news. >> shock, first of all, here. the confusion that has followed the day's events. speculation it might have been a burglar or mistaken identity. and the police making it very clear they have evidence to prove this is a case of murder and they are insisting they do not believe that oscar pistorius should even be allowed bail. a lot of people starting to look beyond that and asking bigger questions about the levels of crime in south africa, the levels of domestic violence, the levels of gun ownership. the
Feb 22, 2013 2:30pm PST
news of oscar pistorius been holed up for murder charges? >> absolutely. the london olympics, the story of inclusion. you have this young man who was born without legs or had been amputated and the thought that parauld be part of the olympics and also the london games but what a message of inclusion for everyone in the world. to see this story yet, it is awful. >> what has been the repercussions in the sporting world? >> disbelief. combined with the fact the realization once again, tiger woods, lance armstrong, that we do not know these people. so many fans cheer and a look at them as role models and kids believe in them, if this is not the ultimate wake-up call, we do not know them. we have no idea who they are. we should be careful who we cheer for. >> hasn't always been like this? has there been this idealization of sports figures? the intent celebrity culture that surrounds them? >> we are at the peak of that. it is a great question. we have never seen adulation at a higher peak simply because of the internet. game, almost every every practice of your favorite team or athlete.
Feb 19, 2013 2:30pm PST
first public engagement for some weeks, visiting a center in south london that helps women recover from drug and alcohol dependency. she has become the focus of unflattering comments by hilary mantell. she described how the media has portrayed kate middleton transition to a fashionable world catches. >> i saw kate becoming a jointed doll on which certain thinigs ngs are hung. she has no personality of her own. entirely defined by what she wore. >> she said the person who emerged from the transition seems machine made. catherine was defended by the chief executive of the charity which she visited today and of which she is a patron. >> all i can speak of is what i now. my experience of the duchess which is somebody who is natural, genuine, eager to learn, asks a wonderful questions. >> she is a role -- as in a role that attracts constant attention and at times robusta views which will not always be complementary. bbc news. >> one of the hottest topics around the world. this has -- that have traced a number of attacks back to a building in shanghai as part of china's military unit. beijing
Feb 6, 2013 4:00pm PST
beijing and three times last year's london summer olympics. an unusually large chunks are being paid by the country's wealthiest man. the oligarchs. he is fourth on barraso's rich and liz, a multimillionaire, and he has built new -- fourth on ofsia's rich list multimillionaire's. >> all the rich people want to change their image in russia. they want to do something that would be considered useful, something good for them. >> five years ago this was nothing but mountains and forests. the whole thing was built from scratch. this has become a building site in the world. a huge olympic park has a human cost. this is his new home, a rented garage with room upstairs which he shared with husbands and sons. he used to have a house by the beach, but it was obliterated by the olympics. >> my oldest son keeps asking me why and who i am living like this. i say because of the olympics. everything is changing in life, everything. >> the athletes are more positive. last week one of britain cost reduced hopes was skating well and anticipating next year's and winter olympics. >> they have built every
Feb 4, 2013 2:30pm PST
are the focus of talks in london between the leaders of pakistan and afghanistan. the goal is to create a more stable environment for when nato forces leave afghanistan in 2014. the mission is to get the taliban to negotiate peace, but what are the chances? >> 12 years into a war that has cost 440 british lives, the prime minister invited the leaders of both afghanistan and pakistan to talk about the threats facing them all. >> the united kingdom will continue to stand firmly behind both countries as they work together to bring peace and stability to the region. finally, the progress we have achieved today sends a very clear message to the taliban. now is the time for everyone to participate in a peaceful political process in afghanistan. >> as british troops prepared to withdraw from afghanistan and handoff to afghan forces, intense combat like this is rare now. the military believe they have done their job and that this insurgency, like all others, needs a political solution. >> the clock is ticking. we have until the end of 2014, maybe not as long as that, to get this thing so
Feb 20, 2013 7:30pm EST
. "v" magazine wanted "e.t." viewers to be the first to see this. in london, rihanna getting whipped from behind. kate moss down on her knees? the s&m themed shoot brings together the bad girls of music and fashion. for the dueling cover issue of "v" magazine out february 28th. whose idea was it to get naked? signs point to rihanna. happy with the way the shoot was going, she suggested kate take her top off and sit on her lap. in the hamptons, your first look at kerry washington in love. >> time i met your folks. >> we have been through this. baddy would pick you apart. >> in her new movie tyler perry's "peeples," he tries to summon the courage to ask her wealthy dad david allen greer for kerry's hand in marriage. >> you're going to be great. >> i don't like him. >> tyler perry knows how to put a cast together. don't forget, you can also see kerry tomorrow on her abc series "candle." nancy? >> thank you, rocsi. >>> there's a lot more "entertainment tonight" still ahead. a mindy mccready suicide note. what does it reveal? >> i was empty. there was nothing left. >> her chilling words.
Feb 26, 2013 7:30pm EST
invited "e.t." and our brooke anderson to the london hotel as he dressed for the night. >> "entertainment tonight" got a special invitation to hang with oscar winner jamie foxx as he gets ready to walk that red carpet. >> only "e.t." can pull this off. >> that's right. >> the calvin klein collection provided jamie with a number of looks. the stylist chose a specialty bow tie. >> they're all leather. all handmade. >> of course, my man jamie always spices things up. >> this same pattern here is the same as my underwear that i have. when you see me on camera you will feel the essence of this on my body. >> were they boxers or briefs? jamie looks good in anything. >>> still ahead here tonight, the jennifer lawrence factor. we are breaking down how she became hollywood's it girl. >>> plus, more vanity fair oscar party moments. from ben and jen to inside the photo booth. the shots you'll only see here. >>> then, country star mindy mccready's casket. what happened at her emotional funeral today. >>> plus, meet tv's new "golden boy." and the new "dancing" stars. >> it terrifies me but exhilarates
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)